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Ashtani (Ashley) Akshagni (Lauren)

Collective Clearing
Frequency Alchemist
After almost 20 years of addiction, "mental illness", and suicidal ideation, Ashtani found herself through holistic practices such as Ayurveda, yoga, animal therapy, and sound healing. She and her therapy dog, Sparta(kiss) now travel the U.S. sharing their healing message and powerful music with the intention of raising awareness about holistic wellness. Ashtani’s style is folky/country/rock with a fresh twist on spirituality, and each of her heart opening songs holds within it a sacred mantra for the deepest healing of our mind, body, and emotions. Turning vulnerable shares into heart’s prayers, her music gently, yet profoundly awakens us to our highest potential, as we are invited to remember the truth and the power of the Divine light that we all come from and hold within us.

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