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Stephen Henderson

Metamorphosis ~ The ArT of Linving
Artist - Photographer - Personal Transformation & Self Empowerment Coach
Sedona AZ

Stephen has held a deep passion for art and photography for many decades and started experimenting with a classic old Kodak box brownie camera when he was just 8 years old on his family trips around the beautiful British countryside.

Stephen worked professionally for over 25 years as a fashion and beauty photographer in London in the 1980’s and 90’s, shooting both advertising and editorial for high profile international clients from around the globe. His clients included Esprit, Louis Vuitton, Harvey Nichols, L’Oréal, Wella and Schwarzkopf to name but a few.

After a serious debilitating and life changing windsurfing accident, Stephen embarked on a Spiritual pilgrimage of esoteric wisdom and self-mastery. His travels have led him around the world, studying and working with many indigenous medicine people and holistic practitioners from various cultures. Today in addition to being an outstanding Portrait, Beauty and Fine Art Photographer, from his Pagan Celtic roots in Great Britain Stephen has taken flight alongside the eagle on a magical journey of self transformation and has evolved into gifted metaphysician, self empowerment coach, workshop facilitator and Eco-therapist.

During his time as a full time professional Fashion and Beauty photographer Stephen was greatly inspired by the natural beauty of the female form which is reflected in his beautiful pictures and understated photographic style. Today influenced by his personal Spiritual journey Stephen embraces a much deeper psychological concept of aesthetics and how we personally perceive our own beauty and physical appearance, concepts which he will be sharing in his brand new Self~Empowerment Workshops “ Metamorphosis ~ The Beautiful You ” launching later this year.

Makia Mystical Art is a Fine art photography project, colourist magical realism inspired by Stephen’s time spent with the Shipibo people of the Amazon and the plant spirit medicine ayahuasca. These stunning engaging images capture both the seen and unseen beauty of nature & reveal magical hidden realms beyond the veil of illusion of the mundane world, full of mystical beings and vibrant elemental energy. Most of the creative process takes place pre-shoot or in camera with no more than a little enhancement of the colors post production.
There is a link to the Makia Mystical Art website above.

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