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Lola Small

RISE Integrated Sports + Entertainment
Event Organizer
Lola T. Small is a Taiwanese-Canadian women’s empowerment coach, bestselling and award-winning author, and racial equity advocate, with extensive experience in children’s education, mind-body fitness education, nonprofit fundraising, and athletic event planning. She is the co-founder of Black Lives Rising Media, a social enterprise with empowerment programs to raise and amplify powerful Black leaders. Lola is also the Managing Partner of RISE Integrated Sports + Entertainment and brings her expertise in strategic visioning and equitable business development. Turning personal power into collective purpose is her jam, and her global impact has been in bridge-building and community empowerment. Boy mama extraordinaire!

Her next book “We Rise in Power: Amplifying Women of Color and Our Voices for Change” releases on International Women's Day, March 2023.

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