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Eva Maurice

Eva Maurice
Sedona, Arizona
As a contemporary Spiritual Counselor Eva inspires people to evolve through self-discovery. Her compassionate yet candid approach creates a safe space for clients to find their truth and live their dreams. Eva’s insight, wit and easy-going nature make her a remarkable and effective intuitive guide, public speaker, and meditation facilitator. People often have enlightening, emotional experiences and walk away with a clearer perspective on their dreams and life purpose.
“You have given me hope that I can find joy in my remaining years. I can actually come alive again.”
Eva has over 25 years of professional speaking experience in the Wellness Industry and as a Spiritual Teacher. She changed paths after a fulfilling career in training & marketing, starting her private counseling practice in 2011. Eva attended the University of Santa Monica studying Spiritual Psychology, University of Sedona, studying Divinity, is currently completing her meditation teacher training through the McLean Meditation Institute and has taught across the country at resort spas, wellness companies, studios, festivals, and conferences. \\"Self-Love is the Foundation of All Evolution.\\"

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