Choose your classes here if you already have your tickets to the 2020 Sedona Yoga Festival. No need to save your sessions, you can view them anytime you are logged in. Some sessions, such as pre and post immersions require separate tickets. You can find all of the tickets here: SedonaYogaFestival.com
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Rehegoo Streaming
Sales Manager
Rehegoo Streaming is an innovative audio experience for your clients with a rich variety of Yoga & New Age playlists.
Rehegoo Streaming has been designed exclusively to immerse users and listeners alike in a distinctive sound experience that unchains the inner spirit and maintains peaceful balance during exercises.
Rehegoo streaming offers a 30-DAY full access trial to taste our world-renowned music catalogue and for Sedona Festival attendees only, we are offering a 50% discount on the setup fee!
Rehegoo Streaming membership includes:
120k + songs from our staple of independent artists
2,000 + playlists
Licence free music
Playlists created specifically for YOUR Yoga practice
Fresh music added daily
Unlimited customer support
Option to create your own playlists
Stream from any internet browser/device

Come join the revolution and free mind, bodies & souls with Rehegoo Streaming…

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