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Yolanda Curtis

Earth Beat Yoga & Healing
Elemental Yoga Intuitive
Sedona, AZ
Yolanda has also been called, The Yoga Shaman Faery, creating new healing forms of yoga combining sound healing, ceremony, and connecting with the earth & elements. The Spirit of Yoga is alive just like you or I - a crystal, a tree, a plant, an animal, a Universal life force that can be received through the body, the heart, and expressed through sound, movement & breath. YoLanda lives and breaths the Spirit of Yoga, as it has kept her balanced and healthy through-out her career as a fashion designer & Artist. She has survived the deepest and darkest aspects of herself to heal, evolve and THRIVE sharing her gifts, yoga being one of many super powers she discovered on her path of freedom and awakening to the Infinite. She teaches the body wisdoms she’s received directly from Spirit immersed in Nature havens around Los Angeles. When she finally followed the land calling her heart to Sedona, she moved there on the 2017 Winter Solstice & has evolved light years since then, as she learned to slow down and balance her masculine and feminine aspects within through rest, yoga, & learning to trust every step forward on the journey by letting go needing to have it planned out. She discovered a deep divine flow within, that led her to a JOY she'd never experienced before in her life since childhood. When you realize you are Infinite, and that our bodies can be healed from ANYTHING, this is a truly empowering moment of a soul's evolution that MUST be shared. Her joy is to share her Yoga & Healing secrets with her community & clients. With her own powerful healing journey she rediscovered the infinite vitality and joy within, the vast inner heart spaces of deep transformation available through yoga, movement and breath. She is a transformation advocate: an empowerment speaker, yoga and wellness expert & healthy lifestyle leader. YoLanda travels internationally, infusing her teachings with an easy flowing mix of eastern meets Western, Lemuria meets Atlantis with new techniques that clients can immediately apply & gain support, empowerment and success wherever they’re at on their transformative paths. Yolanda leads Yoga Hikes, Self Love Ceremonies, Earth Beat Yoga & Sacred Yoga Sound Journeys in Sedona and teaches Yin Yoga + Sound Healing at Aumbase Sedona. A restorative yoga focused on feminine Yin energy which is slow, relaxed, receiving, and helps to heal & open the deep tissues and ligaments in the body. Sound healing, toning, mantra are part of the balanced picture, so she uses these sound healing techniques to help students deepen into the stretches and asanas during her classes. YoLanda embodies balanced living, soul empowerment, and fitness through yoga, nutrition, Ayurveda and deep psychological mind, emotional, physical healing. The doorway to enlightenment is through Self Love, deep heart/soul loving of Self. When we turn our longing to meet the inner Beloved, all is within. This unlocks the door to compassion for all beings and to share love with others. She understands that it’s only when you BALANCE all the aspects and subtle bodies of the HUman being — the mental/emotional/physical/etheric bodies—relationships to self and others as One (mirror/shadow work), healthy eating, mindful workouts, centered finances, giving/receiving, creative expression and more, can you truly hope to stop merely existing and start enjoying a whole, joyful and healthy life in alignment with the heart. We have been conditioned to ignore our inner child, and many have developed numbing the senses - the emotions through addictions and countless distractions. Yolanda uses Yoga as a practice to cultivate presence that can take patience and to remind us that every day is sacred. Our bodies are temples for the divine to flow through, yet we have only forgotten this Truth.

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